Liquid Gold Poppers


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Liquid Gold Poppers

Liquid Gold isopropyl nitrite A.K.A. Liquid Gold poppers, work as a room aroma sure to cut through any other scent. This refreshing blend of extra strong poppers blow all others out of the water – with Liquid gold Poppers reviews confirming that they are just as exceptionally strong as it says on the bottle.

Poppers are the ideal party accessory… and liquid gold poppers just might be the best of them all. Uncap them in a well-ventilated room and enjoy Liquid Gold room odourizer as it was meant to be used.

Availability: In stock



Liquid Gold For Sale from a UK Based Supplier

Since offering Liquid Gold Poppers for sale in the UK is legal, we are determined to bring nothing but the most affordable poppers prices to our consumers. Whether you are a first-time liquid gold aromas user, or whether you are a connoisseur of odourizers everywhere; Liquid Gold gives you an easy opening not this sensational world of scents.

Liquid Gold room odorizers are some of the best-priced poppers you can buy. Since they are legal in the UK, liquid gold has become a staple, setting the standard in-room aromas, around the country. This brand of online poppers has been so successful that they are a known feature on the club circuit. They are the perfect blend of invigorating and muscle-relaxing. Try them today and find out for yourself.

You see, liquid gold reviews point out that this is more than just a room odourizer. These are some of the strongest poppers you can buy online, therefore giving anyone who uncaps the bottle a boost of vitality. This boost of energy will be strong enough to affect everyone in the room, helping the party to keep going, all night long… or all day long!

Liquid Gold for sale in the UK comes in a golden bottle. When you uncork it you feel an instant rush of enjoyment, good enough to be worthy of the title of best poppers in the UK. Don’t believe us? There’s one sure-fire way to find out and that’s to try them for yourself.

Order our speciality blend of Liquid Gold amyl nitrates today. Why not select a few different types of poppers to try out? You never know which room aroma will turn out to be your favourite.

Shipping & Delivery

When you order our extra strong Liquid Gold Poppers, we will send them to you second class. This may take 3-5 working days. We do not offer tracked or signed for delivery options, but we will post your poppers to you first-class if you pay a small surcharge.

Safety Information and Warnings

Liquid Gold poppers room aromas are to be used in well-ventilated spaces larger than 5m x 5m. Uncap the bottle and leave it to breathe. Keep out of the reach of children and try to store your poppers out of direct sunlight. If you experience adverse effects simply replace the cap and discontinue use.