Bottom 25 ml

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BOTTOM POPPERS – Also for Him. This specifically formulated aroma helps relax and simultaneously enhances stimulation for the bottom during your sexual activities. Treat him to a deep, sensual session that will make him come back for more and leave him thinking of you days after! Isopropyl Nitrates such as Bottom Poppers are regularly used to enhance sexual pleasure for men and women and also used to aid anal sex by relaxing muscles. The term Poppers is widely used to describe Isopropyl nitrate aromas. Historically Poppers were sold in small glass vials that popped when opened (hence the name) and were sniffed directly from the vial. It is now illegal to supply any Isopropyl Nitrate for the use of direct inhalation. Do not inhale this item directly from the bottle. To use, simply open the bottle and stand to let the aromas develop in the required area. Contents: Isopropyl nitrate.

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